A Wish Not Wasted

A Little Humor
The Best Loop Hole

Louie was motorcycling through Carpadillia when he collided with another motorcycle. He wasn’t hurt, but the other rider was bleeding badly. Louis rigged up a tourniquet and used his first aid training to keep the man alive until the ambulance came.

Since the accident was Louie’s fault, he was hauled before the judge, who ruled, “You are guilty of gross negligence resulting in a near-fatal accident. According to Carpadillian law, you must be executed. However, you did save the victim’s life. For that reason, I will allow you three wishes. You may wish for anything except the reversal of your sentence. After you’ve fulfilled the last wish, you must face the firing squad. Now, what is your first wish.”

“I want to ski in the Great Carp Mountains.”

“But it’s summer; there’s no snow to ski on.”

“I can wait,” said Louie.

So six months later, the police took Louie to the Great Carp Mountains, where he spend a lovely day on some of the best ski slopes in the world. The next day, though, he faced the judge again.

“What is your second wish.”

“I wish to swim in the Lake of the Clouds.”

“It’s winter now. The Lake of the Clouds is frozen over.”

“I can wait,” said Louie.

In due time, summer came. The police took Louie to the Lake of the Clouds, and he enjoyed swimming in the clear, reflecting water. And then he had to face the judge for the last time.

“What is your third wish.”

“My third and dearest wish, your honor, is to be buried next to you.”

“But I’m not dead.”

“I can wait,” said Louie.

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