A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Little Humor
The Last Laugh

We all know that the children of motorcycle enthusiasts are smarter than average. With that in mind, come visit a local convenience store. As on every school day, Bart is waiting outside for his dad to come on his motorcycle and give him a ride home. And, as on every school day, the bigger boys are teasing him.

“There’s Bart. He’s two bricks short of a load.” “He’s so ignorant. Watch this.” One boy held a dime in one hand and a nickel in the other. “Which one do you want, stupid?” He asked Bart.

Without hesitation, Bart grabbed the nickel. The other boys laughed and went about their day. The storekeeper, thinking his intervention might be necessary to stop the bullying, asked Bart, “Don’t you know that the dime is worth more than the nickel even though it isn’t as big?”

“Sure, I do. But if those guys knew I knew, they’d stop teasing, and so far I’ve got twelve bucks out of them.”

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