A Nurse's Revenge

A Little Humor
What Goes Around...

Alan the motorcycle policeman named his bike Catchem. One evil day he and Catchem went tumbling down a ravine. Luckily, Alan survived. Catchem—not so much.

Alan had a broken leg and required surgery to pin it. He woke in the recovery room. The doctor stopped by and explained that all would be well and he’d be back at work once the break healed sufficiently.

After the doctor left, Alan felt pulling at his chest hairs. He couldn’t imagine what would cause that, since the operation was on his leg. So, he pulled down his hospital gown and saw three broad tapes firmly plastered to his chest.

The writing on them was upside down, so he could easily read:

From the nurse you ticketed

last week. I’ll be around soon

to rip these off.

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