A Few Football Fans

A Little Humor
Football Fans

A Jets fan, a Vikings fan, and a Seahawks fan decided to tailgate together at a Seahawks game. The Jets fan put cupcakes in his sissy bag and also brought napkins for everyone. The Vikings fan brought sandwiches in his saddlebag, along with some paper plates and potato chips. The Seahawks fan was supposed to bring the liquid refreshment.

“Oh, no! I forgot the beer!” he said.

After a lot of discussion, he agreed to go to the store for beer. “But don’t you guys start eating until I get back.”

Time passed and the two other fans got rather puckish. After a couple of hours, when the game was about to start, the Jets fan said, “We better eat now or we’ll miss the kickoff.”

The Vikings fan agree, and they unwrapped the sandwiches. Just then the Seahawks fan popped out from behind a nearby van.

“I knew I couldn’t trust you. Just for that, I’m not going to buy the beer at all.

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