The Hottest Gift This Season Is...

The Hottest Gift This Season Is...

December 18, 2013

Three Reasons Heated Gear is the

No one wants to put the bike away for the winter!
Quick Throttle Magazine
Are you really ready to put your baby up for the winter? No! We know for a fact you're not ready, because so many of you put heated gear and clothing at the top of your wish lists this holiday season.

It's true--any rider would be overjoyed to receive heated riding gear from Santa this year. But why? The reasons are endless, so we compiled our top three reasons why heated gear is the BEST GIFT EVER.

1. It is a Gift that Keeps on Giving
Adding heated gear to your riding wardrobe is an investment. Winter happens every year, so think about it--you didn't spend all that money on your sweet ride just to store it in a shed for three to four months out of the year! Heated gear often comes with excellent warranties and will last you through many, many winters.

2. It Can Keep You Warm Anywhere
Sure, it's nice to be warm while you’re riding, but what about when you get to where you're going? Then you have to brave the elements, especially for outdoor events. Heated riding gear (with a battery pack attached) gives you the ability to stay warm on AND off the bike. So when you ride your bike downtown to see the Seahawks tear up the 49ers, you can be nice and warm inside the stadium during the game!

3. It Means Your Riding Season Never Has to End
Every rider’s dream.

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