Rain Gear and Heated Gear Keeps Riders on the Road!

Rain Gear and Heated Gear Keeps Riders on the Road

October 19, 2012

Even if you can't join us for the entire Ride in the Rain event (9:30 to 1:30, Sunday, October 21), there are parts of Sunday's presentation that you might want to drop in for.

Overall the event starts at Eagle Leather Lakewood at 9:30 on Sunday. From 9:30 to 10 AM those who are pre-registered should check in and get their drawing ticket, then enjoy coffee and some breakfast goodies. (The drawing will be held after the group proceeds to Auburn and at the end of all presentations at approximately 1:30 -- participants must be present to win).

Interested in attending the event? Register Now ... only a few seats left!

At 10 AM Puget Sound Safety's Bret Tsaks will start his clinic on riding in the rain with an emphasis on riding techniques that can enhance personal safety, and then tips for ensuring safety in groups in wet weather.

"Bret, as well as Chris, always gives a great presentation," said Eagle Leather's Mike Toursal. "If you haven't previously had the chance to see these two in action, you should definitely come and listen in on part or all of Sunday's presentation."

1-Piece Rain Gear for Motorcycle Riders
Rain Gear -- All You Need to Know

At approximately 10:30 at Eagle Leather Lakewood, sit in for a 10 to 15 minute presentation on rain gear.

"There are some big differences between everyday rain gear that you might be able to find at Eddie Bauer or Walmart and what is specifically manufactured for motorcycle enthusiasts," said Mike. "And we'll be pointing out some of the biggest differences at our presentation on Sunday."

Models will show one- and two-piece selections along with over-boots, and waterproof gloves that are all essential to riding comfortably in the rain. A few other tricks of the trade will be presented as well.

After the rain gear presentation, there will be a 30 minute question and answer session before the group moves to the parking lot where Washington Motorcycle Safety Training's Chris Johnson will deliver a hands-on demo. Then riders will be given instructions on riding to Eagle Leather Auburn, where the group will reconvene at approximately 12:15.

"We are very fortunate to have two wonderful professional riding instructors come out and share their time with us," Mike said. "I always learn something new from both of them, and love to hear them speak."

Once the group arrives at Eagle Leather Auburn, Chris will have a live Q-and-A session in the parking lot about techniques discussed at the earlier demo, and experiences riders may have had on the way to Eagle Leather Auburn.

"This should be a very interesting event," Mike said, "where people can immediately discuss fears or technique problems they just experienced. Everything will be totally fresh in everyone's mind, and we've got a pro on hand to help them master their issues."

Following the post-demo at Auburn, the group will convene back in the store where Bret will review new motorcycle licensing requirements recently passed by the state of Washington.

Heated (winter) Gear for motorcyclists
Heated Gear Made Simple

A second drop by opportunity for folks that can't make the entire day will happen at Eagle Leather Auburn at about 1:15 PM. At that time, Eagle Leather pros will model and discuss various lines of Cold Weather Gear, including Gerbing's, First Gear and TPG.

"There are entire lines of gear that have been specifically made for keeping the rider warm in cold and even extremely cold temperatures," Mike said. "Those that can drop in should make sure to see the discussion on heated jacket and pant liners, thinsulated pants and jackets, heated insoles and gloves, and then a variety of other products that will keep you warm."

Mike encourages Eagle Leather Riding Community members who did not register for the entire event to drop in for the gear demonstrations. "Definitely take advantage of the 15% coupon that you can download from this week's E-Newsletter*. We very rarely discount raingear, so this is a big opportunity for anyone that wants to add new gear to their wardrobe!"

*Subscribers to Eagle Leather's E-newsletter (members of the Eagle Leather Riding Community) receive special discounts on gear along with interesting stories, tips on mastering the ride, and reminders of what rides are taking place in the Northwest that are listed on Eagle Leather's Ride Guide. To become a subscriber, click here.

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