Rain Gear 101 and 18 Years of Helmet Laws

Rain Gear 101 and 18 Years of Helmet Laws

October 24, 2013

Rain Gear Tips for a Smart Purchase!
Rain Gear 101

Here in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains nearly every day, we depend on our rain gear. Riders who shop at Eagle Leather don’t think twice about a little rain, and that’s what makes us your rain gear experts. We’ve compiled this introduction to rain gear for riders who have never purchased it before. We call it Rain Gear 101.

Obviously riding in the rain means you’re going to get wet, if not soaked. It’s like running through the sprinklers in your backyard at 40+ mph. So if you’re planning on riding for years to come, you’ll want to invest in rain gear. Some top brands include: First Gear, Frogg Toggs, and Nelson-Rigg. To cover yourself from head to toe, you would be looking to spend between $100 and $300.

When selecting your body covering, you will want to determine whether you want a one piece rain suit or two pieces (a jacket and pants). One piece rain suits are often insulated and may even come with built-in armor. Because it’s one covering, the likelihood of water seeping through any openings is minimal. A two piece suit is easier to put on and can be more convenient for many riders, but there is the risk that the pants could ride down or the jacket ride up if the fit isn’t right. You can usually purchase the two pieces as one suit or each as separates.

Jackets come in an assortment of colors with reflective material to improve visibility, and they are most commonly made of nylon or PVC. Like any good jacket, they are usually made with venting or some kind of breathable material to help keep the rider from sweating. You’ll want to make sure you find a jacket with an adjustable waist that will keep it from ballooning up while you ride. Rain pants are usually nylon or PVC. Many come with boot straps or suspenders, and because the material is so heat-sensitive, you will want to look for rain pants that have a heat-resistant shield built on to the lower leg.

Don’t forget your hands and feet! Waterproof gloves are a must for riding in wet weather. Both men’s and women’s gloves are usually insulated and constructed with three layers—the middle layer being the waterproof one. Some gloves even come with a squeegee! When it comes to your feet, over-boots are essential to keeping your feet dry in the rain. They are actually intended to cover your existing riding boots and are made of rubber or nylon with a slip-resistant sole.

Rain Gear Tips:
- Make sure the protective qualities of your rain suit are good. The material of the suit should be waterproof and keep you dry.
- The suit should have high visibility, with either bright colors or reflective tape that will help you stand out on a dark, hazy day.
- The entire suit does not need to be heat resistant, but the legs should be. Any rider who has had to get melted plastic off his or her motorcycle exhaust pipes knows that.
- Good quality rain gear will be breathable—meaning the suit lets moisture out without letting moisture in.
- A good suit should pack in to a small storage space, such as a pouch or saddle bag.
- Two words: butt grippers. When it’s raining and you have to stop quickly, you don’t want to be sliding around on your seat. A gripping material on the butt portion of the pants is essential to keeping you in one place when it’s raining.

18 Years of Helmet Laws
In honor of Eagle Leather's 18th anniversary, we're taking a look back. 18 years ago, Congress repealed ISTEA--a major transportation bill that affected everything from highways to helmets. It gave states financial incentives for writing and enforcing laws requiring the use of helmets while riding. By repealing ISTEA, Congress put helmet laws back into each state's hands, which subsequently resulted in many states doing away with the controversial laws. However, research has proven time and time again that helmet wear significantly reduces brain injuries and fatalities in motorcycle crashes, which is why many states maintained their helmet laws and still do to this day.

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Anniversary Event - Sneak Peek
We're excited to announce our anniversary events next week. Check your email and the Eagle Leather Facebook Page for updates. But we're giving you--our most loyal subscribers--a sneak peek at what we have planned.

- Guest speakers
- Pet day!
- In-store fashion show
- A custom cake
- ... and much more!

Stay tuned!

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