Heated Clothing Keeps You Warm for the Ride.

Heated Clothing Keeps You Warm for the Ride

December 07, 2012

They're Great for Christmas Gifts Too!

Indeed, the motorcycle rider can be one of the hardest individuals to buy the perfect gift for. But with Eagle Leather in your corner, you can be assured that you will find an awesome gift for any motorcycle rider, purchases are returnable, alterations can be made on site, and your gift will be one of the favorites under the tree.

For those interested in giving gear that can make cold weather riding enjoyable, heated jacket, pant and glove liners are your ticket. Heated gear is the alternative to the traditional layering approach -- heavy undergarments, balaclava's and other items covered with perhaps fleece or wool sweaters and then jackets and riding pants. Dressing in layers can be effective and Eagle Leather caters to those who still prefer to layer (see our previous story describing skinny balaclava shirts, arm and leg warmers and pants). But layering will surely make you feel like the overstuffed marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.

Heated gear technology gives the rider the chance to increase warmth and comfort with a single underlayer where users can control the warmth and ride with ultimate flexibility. There are two big names when it comes to heated gear: Gerbing's and FirstGear. Both brands allow for easy connectivity to other compatible heated pieces. For example, gloves easily link to jacket liners; jacket liners readily connect to pant liners. Most Eagle Leather riders prefer the Gerbing's brand. Here is more information on these gear pieces.

Gerbing's Heated Jacket Liner
Gerbing's Heated Pants
Gerbing's Heated Glove Liners
Gerbing's Heated Vests

The Gerbing’s unique micro-wire heating tech-
nology surrounds the body
with warmth. The microwire
has no significant difference
in look or feel. Water-repellent and wind-resistant, the best choice is Gerbing’s for cold weather riding. See more…

Gerbing’s heated pant liners boast all the same qualities
and features as their jacket liners. Pant liners have a full-length zipper from the hip
to the bottom of the pant on each side for easy entry and excellent form fitting qualities. See more…

A great alternative to the
heated glove is Gerbing’s heated glove liner. These
liners are recommended for
use with any un-insulated
riding glove, so pull these on over your favorite gauntlets
or other gloves and keep
toasty warm. See more…

Using Gerbing’s microwire technology, the chest pads, back and collar warm brilliantly to give the rider the amount
of comfort desired. The form fitting vest fits under outer garments, but is also warn
alone by many customers.
See more…

Regardless of whether your rider needs heated gear, Eagle Leather has hundreds and hundreds of items for the motorcycle lover. Want to give your gift receiver the chance to shop on their own? Give them an Eagle Leather Gift Card and watch that smile grow!

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