Gift Ideas for Riders This Holiday Season

Gift Ideas for Riders This Holiday Season

December 11, 2013

Gift Ideas for Riders
Our Ideas Plus Your Wish List Items from Facebook!
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We gave you our holiday gift ideas, and you gave us yours! Here are some of the best comments from our Facebook question, “If you could give your friends your Riding Gear Christmas wish list, what would you ask for?”

1,618 people liked the post, 405 shared it with theirs friends, and 144 people commented on it. More than 30% of respondents asked for some type of heated gear! David J. asked for heated gloves because he is tired of having cold hands. If this is on your holiday wish list too, Eagle Leather has a wide selection of heated gloves – like the Gerbing’s G3 Heated Gloves. These gloves are made of exceptionally soft leather making them the most pliable and comfortable heated glove Gerbing’s has made to date.

Pam P. asked for a “heated outfit for [her] sweetie.” For those also looking to purchase heated gear for their significant others, we recommend Gerbing’s world renowned, award-winning coreheat12 motorcycle jacket liner. The Coreheat12 Thermovelocity System is powered by a simple connection to your motorcycle’s DC power system. With heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves, it’s sure to keep your “sweetie” warm during the cold riding season!

MJ Q. said she needs a “heated jacket liner and pant liner.” The jacket liner mentioned above has a matching pant liner, so you can look stylish in the cold. This liner is compressible, water-repellent, and features Thinsulate insulation. It also comes with a full length zipper from hip to bottom of pant on each side. Both the jacket and pant liner are currently available at Eagle Leather.

If you need it all like Sandra C., you could ask for “heated everything!” After investing in heated gloves, jackets, and pants – keep your feet warm with Gerbing’s Microwire Heated Socks! Made from a perspiration-wicking 4-way stretch material, these socks are the ultimate in cold weather comfort for your feet. The socks are cut specifically for left and right feet, so they fit very snugly to deliver extra heat to your toes. Finally, that heat comes from a wire system so thin you won't feel them.

For the rider that “has it all,” consider a brand new stylish helmet. Eagle leather has the largest selection of helmets in the Pacific Northwest, and right now you can score deals as low as 50% off on over 400 of them! Nellie W. wants the Scorpion EXO-R410 Fantasy II helmet in Black/Chameleon color. Great choice, Nellie!

For the rider with an extreme sense of adventure, our GoPro cameras are the perfect gift. Seth C. writes, “GoPro for the win! We gotta see those wipe outs in high def!” We agree about the GoPro, Seth—but hopefully nobody will be wiping out! We also have headsets, which are great gifts for riders who like to stay connected. Our Scala G9 Headsets and Powersets are currently on sale!

Finally, if you can’t think of the perfect gift for that someone, Jeff P. writes “A $500 gift card for Eagle Leather!!!” And Blair T. wrote, “ya… what Jeff said!” Gift cards make awesome gifts!

Happy Holidays!

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