Buying Chaps - What to Look For


Buying Chaps - What to Look For

July 04, 2013

Buying Chaps: What to Look For!

Chaps are a great alternative to leather pants, especially in warmer weather. Many riders prefer the comfort and convenience of their everyday jeans, but still want the protection that leather offers when riding the open road. That’s why chaps are great!

Leather chaps offer nearly same level of protection from road debris and the elements as leather riding pants. They are not gender specific, as there is a gaping hole in the gender-identifying region, but they come in a variety of sizes. They obviously do little for the crotch and seat area in terms of protection, but they are easy to put on over your jeans and remove. This makes them a great option for warm weather riding, as the openings make them breathable in the crotch and seat. Chaps can come with different style options, such as pockets (go for a pair with deep pockets!), braids, fringe, and lining (great for colder weather, but we recommend chaps with a removable lining). Most chaps fasten around the waist with a belt strap and buckle.

Trying chaps on in a store before you buy is the best way to determine the best fit, because they all fit differently. But if you have to order online, or just want to get to the store prepared, you can measure yourself for fit. Make sure you measure yourself with a comfortable pair of jeans on. Measure the circumference of your waist with fabric measuring tape. Then measure the biggest part of your thigh. Have someone help you with this last measurement—the inseam. Measure from your “gender-identifying region” to the floor (the chaps will ride up when you sit on the bike). Write these three measurements down and compare them to the manufacturer’s measuring tables to determine your size.

The pros at Eagle Leather can help you find the perfect pair of chaps for you. Stop in anytime, and our friendly, experienced staff will be happy to help you pick a pair that best suits your body type!

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