Winterize Your Ride

It’s getting toward the time when many riders park their motorcycles for the winter. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the supplies and other items you’ll need to do that. You will give yourself a big pat on the back when it’s storage time if you assemble what you need in advance.

We’ll start with supplies for a thorough cleaning. Dirt invites corrosion and is the enemy of your bike. To fight it, Eagle Leather carries several cleaning agents, such as Spectro Bike Wash. It’s a spray that is gentle enough to use daily, but tough enough to get rid of any dirt, grease, bugs, and gunk on your motorcycle. Spectro Bike Wash is aqueous-based and non-flammable, but you do have to rinse it off thoroughly.

A cleaner you can just spray on and wipe off is Purple Slice. It cleans off rust, bug splats, even sap and is safe for clear coats, chrome, wheels.

Once everything is spankin’ clean, you’re going to want to give your ride a protective wax coating. Blue Job polish is designed to restore the original shine of chrome and stainless steel. It won’t dull and leaves no waxy residue. Dirty oil can have bad effects on your machine, so pick up the oil and lubricants you need. Eagle Leather carries a variety of the best. Don’t forget a new fuel plug. WD-40 can help keep your metal, chrome, and exhaust pipes from rusting and pitting over the winter. (You’ll wipe it off in the spring.) This is a good time to locate some clean rags to stuff up the exhaust pipe so rodents and other pests can’t get in and wreak havoc.

You probably know that old oil can lead to corrosive deposits that etch such metal surfaces as transmission gears and bearings. And, you know you should top off your tank on your last ride of the season. But did you know that the gas in your full tank can gum up and that leads to blocked fuel lines, or either carburetors or fuel injectors. Spector fuel conditioner works in all gas-fueled engines to fight corrosion and varnish build-up, inhibit corrosion, and prevent formation of fuel-related gums and varnishes.

Collect some carpet scraps or wood pieces or something to keep your tires from the cold garage floor.

To protect your battery, try the Battery Tender® Plus. It’s designed to use during battery storage. It’s easy to install and automatically compensates for temperature changes and from full-charge to float-charging mode. It works with all lead-acid, flooded or sealed-maintenance-free batteries. And, it comes with a ten year warranty.

Are there other tools you need? Do you have a tire gauge? Check out the selection at Eagle Leather.

One last thing: Wherever you’re storing your motorcycle, be sure you have room to roll it forward every so often to avoid tire problems.

You can get more information about the supplies you need to winterize your ride from the experts at Eagle Leather, both in the store and online.

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