What's Next for Eagle Leather?

The only constant thing in life is that stuff changes. Summer changes into fall, which becomes winter, which, in turn, gives way to spring. Children grow up; parents grow old—maybe there’s some cause and effect there as the kids become teenagers. There’s no possibility of growth without change, so usually change is something we welcome. Of course, since we can never be sure of the ultimate result, there’s that frisson of excitement, too. We can empathize just a bit with the pioneers who set out along the Oregon Trail, making a huge change.

At Eagle Leather, we’ve always embraced change. Mike made a change when he came to America, and when he started selling motorcycle gear from a van at shows and rallies. He made another big change when he opened his first store and has continued to make changes and expand until Eagle Leather is the biggest seller of motorcycle gear in the Pacific Northwest.

And that’s not the only way Eagle Leather has continued to change. Just this year, we’ve added many new designs to our Eagle Leather branded gear. We’ve added new product lines, such as vegan leather jackets. And we’re planning to add more products—in the area of heated gear, for example. (More about that later.) All of our changes are designed to offer motorcycle enthusiasts the best selection of the best gear at the best price.

And now, we’re looking at an even bigger change. We’re going to open another store! To do that, we’re consolidating our Auburn store with our store at Lakewood. We’ll be moving our Auburn stock to Lakewood at the end of October.

Now, where are we going to put another Eagle Leather store? We’re not sure yet. Just like Amazon, we’re looking at a lot of cities for our second “headquarters.” Unlike Amazon, we’re looking mostly at warm climates, where motorcycle enthusiasts can ride year round. In any case, another part of the country will have an Eagle Leather store where motorcycle enthusiasts can find all their gear for the ride under one big roof. We’d welcome your input about possible locations on the Eagle Leather Facebook page.

We’ll let you know through the newsletter and on Facebook as soon as Mike decides where the new location will be, so you can tell your friends and relatives who might live nearby to get ready for the grand opening.

Wherever Eagle Leather’s second store will be, we’ll still be here in Lakewood and we’ll still be online, and our expert sales staff will still be ready to advise you on the gear you need, whether that’s in person or by phone at the Lakewood store. That’s something that won’t change.

Stay tuned for more information.

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