Wet Gear Can Be Dangerous.

Gear for the Ride

Few things are more uncomfortable than riding a motorcycle in wet gear. And riding while wet can be dangerous too. It raises the possibility of hypothermia, and, at a bare minimum, the discomfort can distract you when you need all your concentration to manage a slick road surface.

The Aston two-piece rain suit for men, shown here https://eagleleather.com/products/as-3000-aston-rainsuit-h-viz, is completely waterproof. It has a soft polyester outer shell with PVC backing, breathable mesh lining in the back, a corduroy-lined inner collar with a hood, and nylon-lined sleeves. The full-length zipper has a self-fastening storm flap. You’ll have lots of space to keep your stuff dry with three large waterproof outer pockets and another waterproof zippered mesh pocket that also serves as a vent, all in the jacket, and waterproof thigh pocket. The back of the jacket has a full-length, adjustable, zippered ventilation system. For fit and comfort, the belt adjusters are elasticized, the elastic suspender straps are adjustable, and the cuffs are self-fastening.

The pants have oversized zipper gussets, and both ankle cuffs and boot stirrups are elasticized. Heat-resistant material protects your legs for brief contact with hot parts. The seat panel is made to add strength and minimize slipping.

Both the jacket and the pants have reflective piping that makes you more visible in low-light conditions. The Aston rain suit is available in black, black with red, and black with either high-visibility yellow  or high-visibility orange.

Women might consider the rain suit shown here in pink (but available in other colors too) https://eagleleather.com/products/ladies-rs2-rain-suit-pink?variant=30720614269009. The rain suit is made with a soft, waterproof polyester outer shell that has PVC backing. Both jacket and pants have reflective stripes to improve your safety.

On the jacket, the full-length zipper has a Velcro® storm flap and a collar. There’s a soft, corduroy-lined inner collar as well. Two large outer pockets have gusset expanders. For comfort, the back has VARIABLE FLOW™ ventilation, a nylon inner lining, an elastic waist, and Velcro® adjustable cuffs.

The pants feature elastic waist, cuffs, and boot stirrups. Zipper gussets make it easy to put on the pant with your boots on. In the lower leg, the reflective stripes are melt-resistant.

Extra-hot weather also makes for uncomfortable, even hazardous, motorcycling. It’s easy to carry a Cooldanna. If you get hot, stop at a service station or other source of cold water and soak the Coldanna for ten minutes in cold water. This activates the cooling crystals. Then you can wear it on your head or around your neck for hours of cooling relief. You can see one of the many, many Cooldanna designs here: https://eagleleather.com/products/cooldanna-american-flag. Your Cooldanna can be reused hundreds of times and is made of hand-washable cotton. It’s cooling crystals are non-toxic.

Our expert sales staff at Eagle Leather can help you find other gear to help you be prepared for most situations you might encounter when you are motorcycling. Ask us either in-store or online through our chat feature. Oh, yes, we answer the phone too.

And if you’ve found yourself in a situation where it was useful to be prepared, tell us about it on the Eagle Leather Facebook page. Learning from your experience might spare another motorcycle enthusiast a lot of grief.

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