Valentine's Day Love Notes To Your Motorcycle

Your Bike: The Love of Your Life
Happy Valentine's Day!

We know you might have a human significant other, but we also know that your motorcycle ranks highly among the things you love the most in this world.

We had some fun with our Facebook fans and asked them to tell us why they LOVE their motorcycles.

Here are some of our best responses:

"I had originally bought my Switchback as a dual purpose machine. My truck was getting too many miles on it and needed alternative transportation, plus it is a nice release from the daily grind. The purchase of my bike became even sweeter when my wife, Amor, discovered the joy of riding. Now she loves it as much as I do and when we can leave the kids behind, we find that it is as much of a bonding time for us as an escape from everything else." - Cory T.

"I love my bike because it made my soul free and I felt so good when I ride on country roads." - Carlos R.

"It amazes people when I tell them I'm a female rider alone, but boy can this girl pack! My Victory has given me the freedom to travel, saving me money when I tack on the mileage. We've explored covered bridges in Oregon, went wine tasting in Washington, hit the beach more than a few times, and even chased hot air balloons together. The view from a bike is hard to beat but it's helped me meet some awesome people as well. Vicy has started conversations for me with many children, pastors, and prisoners, along with everyone in between." - Tevera H.

"I was told many times I was "too small," girls just don't ride, etc... at 5'6 I'm not tiny, so last summer I finally got my endorsement AND my bike which is a Honda 750 purple with purple flames--totally my personality! Now I get to ride with my hubby. Finally momma has a reason to have her own time." - Carson H.

This Valentine's Day, we want you to know we LOVE you! We would be nothing without our community. Have a great Valentine's Day with your loved one, motorcycle, friends, family, whoever! 

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