Valentine Gifts for Women and Men

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Eagle Leather Has You Covered!

Guys, it’s that time again—Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. You can go with roses and chocolates if you like, but your Eagle Leather store has more memorable gifts for her. Let’s get right to it and start with jewelry:

Helmet bling is pretty and feminine and one size fits all. You just peel off the backing and stick it on her helmet. There’s a large selection at Eagle Leather. For Valentine’s Day, check out the the rose in gorgeous outline, or the winged heart. Find the design that will appeal to your sweetheart—just use the search for “helmet bling.”

If her hair is fairly long, she’ll be able to use this comb. Sparkly studs edge the heart, which boasts the Harley-Davidson logo. Click here to see it.

If you know her ring size, you can buy this lovely winged heart ring. It’s made of hypoallergenic steel, so it will never rust or tarnish, and even women with allergies to other metals can wear it.

A gift that’s more practical, but still lovely, is a clip-on bag. Eagle Leather has them with studs edging the flap and a tribal-design heart decorating it. Shown here with purple highlights, it’s also available with pink.

Enter “heart” in the search bar and you’ll find more items with a heart theme, from headwraps and headbands to T-shirts.

But you don’t have to stick with hearts to be in the Valentine’s Day mood. Consider the stylish Along the Lines jacket in red. It’s vegan leather, so it has the look and feel of leather, but is not made from animal hide. The collar is asymmetrical and two parallel lines of stitching give this jacket its flair. We have a number of other jackets in this category to select from!

Ladies, you already know he’ll love anything from Eagle Leather, but we’ve got some suggestions for you, too.

We entered “heart” in the search bar and found this Western Triple-Heart belt buckle. It’s made of heavy-duty pewter and black inlaid enamel for understated elegance. The three hearts are decorated with flowers and scrolls.

How about some unusual bling for his ride? Chasing lights move in rhythm to the engine speed. He can choose whether the spinning circles are red, lime, ice or sky or dark blue, purple, or green—or they can fade one into the next. The lights come in a kit that’s easy to install and includes a chrome timing cover with multi-function LEDs, wiring, and a controller. Click here to check it out.

A cramp in the wrist can ruin any ride. Eagle Leather has a new product, the Go-Cruise cruise control. This ingenious item is easy to install or remove. It sits on the brake lever to hold the throttle open, and the rider just rolls it on to engage or off to disengage the cruise control.

He doesn’t even have to be a motorcycle enthusiast to love this ivy-league style hat, shown here in brown Nubuck leather with a satin lining. Nubuck leather is top-grade cowhide that’s been buffed on the outside to a velvety texture that’s very resistant to wear. Eagle Leather also carries ivy league hats in black or brown lambskin.

If none of these appeal to you, come in to Eagle Leather and our expert sales crew will help you find the perfect gift. Or, chat with an expert online.

May this Valentine’s Day bring you love and joy!

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