Twenty-five years since Eagle Leather was founded


Hurrah! It’s our anniversary. In fact it’s our silver anniversary. It has been twenty-five years. Yes, twenty-five years since Eagle Leather was founded. Over that time, we have had many great experiences worthy of celebration. But 2020, most can agree, has not had many moments worthy of celebration. From stay home- stay healthy orders, to limited reopening of small businesses, to the political turmoil of the election, many are ready to get back to normal. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what that will be. Usually a 25th Anniversary is a big celebration, but this year we cannot celebrate the way we want to.

For those of you who have been with us from day one, to those who have come along the way, and to those that are just meeting us, Eagle Leather is here because of you. We are here for you and we work hard to provide you with your favorites. Many of you have had favorite employees who became friends, and, while many staff members have come and gone, we often remember the good times we shared with them.

Some of you might remember me coming to your house in my van, or shopping in the B & I. Maybe you remember the store on the corner of Steilacoom Boulevard and South Tacoma way, or the move to the store on 84th street and I-5 near the movie theaters. Some of you didn’t start riding until after we moved to the corner of Highway 512 and South Tacoma Way, or after we opened our store in Auburn, which was a little too close and had to close for better opportunities.

It has not just been the store that has changed; our webstore has changed too. Early changes just affected the color scheme. In 2008 it was redesigned and had a real motorcycle feel to it with the black leather background and a rider riding into the distance with our new logo and brand colors. In 2011 it was updated again with even more function and the addition of where you can submit rides and events for others to see. In 2014 we had another update that provided a much-easier-to-navigate layout. In 2020 we had another update that allows us to directly ship items from our suppliers to you. And, while that is a lot, we are working on an update that will make finding the thousands of items we carry much easier.

We are sincerely grateful for everyone that has made these twenty-five years possible and successful for us.

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