Treat Yourself

We write a lot about gear you need for the ride—stuff like helmets, communications modules, cold weather protection. We thought it was time you had some self-indulgence. This blog is all about adornment. No, you don’t need it. But if it makes you happy, you’ll be glad you treated yourself.

First off is this striking "sitting pretty" hat. It’s just one example of the many pretty and unusual baseball-style hats we carry here at Eagle Leather. We’ve got looks for men and women that will complement your every mood. Browse online or come in and look around, and many of our styles are on sale at any given time.

Maybe it’s too useful to really belong here, but it sure is nice-looking. The Hedz is made of soft polyester microfiber. It wicks moisture away from your skin so you stay more warm when it’s cold and more dry when it’s hot. Its 18 inches long and 10 inches wide and stretches to fit most anyone. You can use it as a scarf, a facemask, a hat liner, a balaclava, a ponytail holder, a headband, and two different styles of hat. To work this magic, refer to the directions that come with the Hedz, shown here in wine-colored paisley, but available in other patterns too.

How about a holder for your sunglasses that will make you feel just a little richer every time you use it. Here’s one in engraved pewter that looks like a Native American dreamcatcher. Again, you’ll find other themes to suit your taste. We also carry biker pins for men and women made of hand-carved pewter. Check out this very patriotic pin or this one showing a wolf and a dreamcatcher. Of course, you can find many more styles.

Also in the jewelry arena is a collection of bracelets made to look like motorcycle chain. They’re all made of heavy-duty stainless steel and vary in width and coloring. Here's a ¾ inch wide and is red and black as well as steel-colored bracelet. This large crystal cross bracelet really brings out the bling.

Too frilly? How about this studded cuff with decorative rings? The bands are adjustable and the center band can serve as a watchband. Or, take a look at this stainless steel skull pendant. The chain is 22 inches long and has a lobster-claw clip.

Eagle Leather carries an assortment of rings with themes beloved by motorcycle enthusiasts. This ring is made of high-grade stainless steel that won’t rust or change color and at the same time is hypoallergenic. The designs are amazingly detailed. Check out the winged heart in a woman’s ring. Or this ring for the guys.

Got a ponytail? The Hair Hook goes over the elastic band on your ponytail. It works with ponytail wrap holders or can be worn along. Eagle Leather carries many styles of Hair Hooks. Here's Celtic pattern hair hook. We love this hair glove. It has decorative diamond shapes and glittering crystals. Also lovely in long hair is a comb. This comb seems to us to carry out the Celtic theme.

If you have short hair, we have hair twisters all they way down to 2 inches. Do check out other sizes and styles for men and women. How about bling on the belt? Take a look at this Western Triple Heart Belt Buckle. It’s made of heavy-duty pewter and rich-looking black enamel inlay. This buckle measures 2.25 inches by 3.25 inches. Short of spending money, or just want a little something to perk up the day? How about a patch? Check out the bow-shaped pink patch with a skull. It has a heat-sealed backing so it’s easy to iron on. This patch is five inches across, but we have other sizes. Check out this shiny metallic butterfly patch. You can always afford a patch, and we’ve got lots and lots of them.

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