Travel Gadgets for Your Bike

Gadgets—those delightful items that make life better. No, you don’t need them. That’s why they’re gadgets and not necessities. I’ve put together a few gadgets you might consider. And, once you have them, you might find they were more like necessities after all.

The first gadget can help you recover your motorcycle in case it’s stolen. The Kryptonite Realtime GPS tracks the whereabouts of your bike 24/7 and shows that information to you on any web-enabled device—computer, smart phone, or tablet. What’s more, that simply web-based control panel lets you disable or enable the starter remotely. You can also use it to text or email security alerts. It’s useful far beyond theft recovery because it includes an alarm, a low-battery warning, shows when our bike has fallen over, and notifies you on the control panel when your bike is moving, speeding, or being towed. Kryptonite Realtime GPS is compact and looks like an OEM part, so thieves won’t recognize it. It resists vibration, water, and heat. It has a small annual renewal fee, so no monthly charges.

Okay, that’s a pretty big gadget. How about a smaller one? Need something to hold larger drinks? This one is made of leather, so it’s durable. And it’s easily attached.

Now that your soft drink or large coffee is safely ensconced, how about a holder for your cell phone? This holder is adjustable. It works on most phones, pdas, gps units, and even mp3 players. The holder expands to 5.135” and has a lockable joint that swivels a full 360 degrees. It features heavy-duty ABS construction. It mounts with secure foam-padded ratcheting clamps and has an easy-release button.

Protect your motorcycle with a UV-treated, Tri-Max® polyester bike cover. The seams are heat-sealed electronically, so the cover is completely waterproof. The lower panels serve as heat shields. The windshield area has a soft liner to help prevent scratching and hazing. The Perma-Venting® system prevents any build-up of condensation and allows continuous air circulation. The elastic bottom snugs up with one-inch grommets at the center and at the front wheel. The cover comes with its own carry-all.

Show your patriotism with a mount and flag. A stainless-steel pin locks the mount upright; then you just push a button to fold it down. Because it folds forward, you can put the cover on your bike without removed the flag. The pole is nine inches long and holds a six-inch-by-nine-inch flag. The pole fits a half-inch horizontal bar and comes with Allen keys so you can easily install it.

It’s time for a little self-indulgence; get yourself something you might not know you needed. You’ll find these and many more handy-dandy gadgets at the Eagle Leather store, both in the store and online. You can consult our expert sales staff in person or using the Chat feature on our website. They’ll have recommendations for you. And remember, you can get curbside delivery by ordering online and choosing that option at checkout.

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