This Spy Gadget Could Save Your Bike

Kryptonite RealTime GPS: Secure Your Bike from Near and Far
The Kryptonite RealTime System Takes Motorcycle Security to Another Level

Everbody loves a good spy movie. When James Bond uses one of his spy gadgets to outsmart his enemies, we all secretly wish we could do the same. Well, recent advancements in technology are making spy gadgets a reality for the everyday person. From the Apple iWatch to self-parking cars, everyone's life can have a little spy action. That goes for motorcyclists too.

We had a customer come in recently and tell us something terrible: his bike had been stolen, and the police could not locate it. Our hearts went out to him - just the thought of your bike, your freedom, being taken from you is enough to give you a pit in your stomach. But the truth is that it happens all the time. 56,000 motorcycles are stolen per year—nearly six bikes per hour and $370 million in monetary damages. To make matters worse, only 25-30% of these stolen bikes are ever recovered. So it's a good idea to prepare yourself for anything, and what better way to do that than with a spy gadget?

Okay, so it's not really a spy gadget—but it might as well be! We're talking about the new Kryptonite RealTime GPS Security System. It's small enough to hide discreetly on your bike, made to look like an OEM part, and it is just awesome. Now, you might be thinking, "a motorcycle alarm is hardly a spy gadget." But the Kryptonite system is not a motorcycle alarm. It's a full-on security system - it has a GPS built into it that syncs with a control panel on any web enabled device. You can see where your bike is located 24/7 just by checking your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Here is How it Works

RealTime uses GPS satellite technology—just like the one your navigation system uses. Once you install the Kryptonite RealTime device, you will gain access to a simple online control panel. This control panel will tell you exactly where your motorcycle is, to the street name and address of its location. And don't worry about a thief disconnecting your battery; the RealTime Motorcycle GPS has a back up battery, and it will even notify you in the control panel when the battery is getting low.

The Kryptonite RealTime Motorcycle Security System comes equipped with the following features:

  • Real-time GPS security and tracking
  • Simple, easy to use, web-based control panel allows owners to instantly locate and control their vehicle through any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Compact and discreet—made to look like an OEM part
  • Vibration, water and heat resistant
  • Easy to install and configure, takes about 30 minutes
  • Alarm, low battery, fall over, towing/movement and speeding notifications
  • Real-time tracking with geofence capability
  • Only draws 4mA (doesn't drain battery)
  • No monthly fees, one year service included (300 locates)
  • Yearly renewal fee lower than most systems charge per month ($39.00 per year)

We are super excited about this product, and we want everyone to know about it. The last thing we want is another customer coming into the store telling about about a stolen bike. So if you want to secure your bike the way James Bond would, you can purchase the Kryptonite RealTime GPS Security System at Eagle Leather or on Save $50 by using promo code SPY50 or printing this in-store coupon.*

See you soon at Eagle Leather!

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Click here to download the official RealTime Powersport Brochure from Kryptonite.

  • 2G GPRS Class B multi-slot
  • 2G Bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Internal 650 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Weather-proof case (IEC
  • 68-2-27 environmental standard)
  • LED status indicators for GPS, Network registration
  • Over-the-air configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Supports TCP, UDP, FTP
  • Intergrated GPS receiver and antenna for tracking applications
  • Supports SMS connectivity

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