Minimize The Risk of Catching Covid 19...


There’s a lot of false information circulating about Covid 19, the novel coronavirus. On MedPage Today a noted pathologist, Judy Melinek, M.D. grades various means of minimizing your risk.

Given an A+ are:

Don’t shake hands, hug, or kiss when you greet people. The virus is spread by close personal contact, so keep that to a minimum.

Get a flu vaccination. Since the symptoms are similar, if you’ve had a flu shot and have those symptoms, doctors can test you right away to see if you have Covid 19 and, if you do, give you proper treatment.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse well. The lipid layer that surrounds the virus makes it susceptible to soap—and that’s even more effective than hand sanitizers.

Rating A are:

Take off your shoes when you come inside. There’s some evidence that Covid 19 can be spread through the feces of infected people, so you don’t want to track that inside. But even if there’s no danger of that, you may well be tracking in germs that cause nasty things like gastroenteritis.

Use a handkerchief or your sleeve to on doorknobs and then push the door with your shoulder. The major of New York suggested using a tissue when pushing an elevator button.

Check out the website ( for more good information. These are habits that will help keep you safe from many kinds of diseases. One thing the good doctor rates D is “Don’t touch your face.” It’s like trying not to think of pink elephants—pretty much impossible. So keep your hands clean so that when you do touch your face, you’re not smearing on germs.

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