The Oyster Run is This Weekend!

At Eagle Leather we’re getting ready for the Oyster Run at Anacortes. It’s an event Mike loves because it’s another chance to meet customers old and new, and because it takes him back to the beginning of his success, before he had his first store, when he sold motorcycle gear from a van at rallies. Find us at the corner of Commercial Avenue and Ninth Street.

We’ll have lots of gear and some bargains that are only available at the Oyster Run. If you haven’t seen the new Eagle Leather brand gear, this is a great time to browse. Say hi to our expert sales staff, who can answer questions about most anything motorcycle-gear related—like what’s the latest in cooling or heated gear.

Like all the vendors at the Oyster Run, we’ll be set up and waiting at nine Sunday morning and we’ll close at five in the afternoon.

The Oyster Run is the biggest motorcycle rally in the Pacific Northwest. It’s complete free of charge and free in spirit. It starts at noon Sunday, September 24—always the fourth Sunday in September.

This year there are two official routes: Port Townsend to Coupeville and Anacortes to Sidney, B.C. Bike at your own speed, alone or with a group, at your own risk. All modes of transport are welcome, including your own two feet. Pick up information about biker-friendly spots along the route and specials or entertainment they might offer, or look here:

In Anacortes itself, there’s a lot going on. Come to Fifth Street at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to see the Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Drill Team exhibition. At noon there’s a mini-demonstration of dirt bike safety training. At 2 p.m. the Whidbey Island Roller Girls will stage a mini-bout. The Whidbey Island Roller Girls are professionally minded female athletes who foster individual athletic ability, self-discipline, integrity, and character. They welcome women of all sizes, shapes, and skill levels. They offer (for a fee) a ten-week course teaching the fundamentals of roller derby, including skating skills and derby strategies.

In the afternoon, from one to four, The Garth Reeves Band will play on Seventh Street, including several members of the official Oyster Run band, The Unfaithful Servants, who have played at the last twelve Oyster Runs.

Plain to come early—many people spend the weekend. Depending on the weather, attendance runs between ten thousand and twenty thousand people. You can see photos of past Oyster Runs here:

Come take a selfie at the Eagle Leather booth and post it on our Facebook page! Mike has one of the world’s great smiles.

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