Summer Riding Gear

How To Stay Cool While Riding
Expert Tips on Summer Gear from Eagle Leather

Looking for an inspirational quote for this newsletter I came across this from Kelly Elmore: “Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.” Well, if you wear flip-flops while riding your motorcycle, you just might make some of the worst memories.

You can find shoes and boots with perforated leather to allow ventilation. Click here to check out our selection of footwear and ask the experts at Eagle Leather to show you other styles of summer boots and shoes.

Of course, here in the Pacific Northwest, where we don’t have too many blazing hot days, the right socks might be all you need to keep your feet cool. For instance, the CoolMax® socks, shown here in black, have the CoolMax® fiber. It’s a four-channel fiber that’s engineered to wick moisture from your feet and speed up evaporation—and remember, it’s evaporation that keeps you cool. Eagle Leather carries CoolMax® socks for men and women in several styles and sizes.

Summertime gloves are ventilated with nylon mesh on the top for best airflow. The palms are leather and the palm and fingers are pre-curved for a comfortable grip. Knuckles are padded. Best fit is assured with rib-stretch finger expansion panels and a molded wrist closure. We carry several styles and color-combinations.

Racing-style helmets usually give you the most ventilation, but they also are noisier. Earplugs are a good idea.

Many riders trade leather for denim in hot weather, but jeans and jeans jackets don’t always give the protection you should have. You don’t have to sacrifice protection for comfort when you wear mesh air-cooled pants and jackets. For example, the Men’s Ion Mesh Pant has a cooling FreeAir™ mesh shell, knee protectors, seat and hip reinforcements, and removable hip protectors. Check out our collection of mesh jackets for men and mesh jackets for women.

Eagle Leather carries mesh pants and jackets for men and for women in several styles. And under that jacket you can wear a cooling vest like the Tech Hyperkewl Cooling Vest shown here in black. A cooling vest is a lot like having air conditioning while you ride. You just soak it in water for a few minutes, wring it out so it won’t drip, and then wear it under your vented jacket. The breeze across the damp vest cools you and the fabric wicks away your perspiration. Truly “cool running.”

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