Start Your Ride at Eagle Leather

by Eagle Leather

Planning New Rides for 2016?
Here's Why You Should Start Your Ride at Eagle Leather

We know you check the Eagle Leather Ride Guide to see what rides are coming up. But many groups have chosen to start their rides at Eagle Leather. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Eagle Leather has a convenient location.
  2. We have a huge parking lot to accommodate all the riders in your group.
  3. Eagle Leather is a neutral location: all riders are welcome!
  4. Eagle Leather is a family-friendly place to begin your ride.
  5. Your ride is more likely to be “spotlighted” in the Eagle Leather Newsletter that goes out to more than 23,000 motorcycle enthusiasts. Your ride will also be featured on The Ride Guide!
  6. You can shop at the Eagle Leather Store for any piece of gear that looks shabby or that you might have forgotten.
  7. And, best of all, we serve coffee and cookies every weekend morning and have barbecues on special weekends—and all your riders are welcome.

Contact us today to get started on planning your next group ride!

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