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Can you remember the “olden days” when, if you wanted to publicize an event like a charity motorcycle ride, you’d send a notice (if you got fancy, you could call it a press release) to the local newspaper and then put up flyers wherever you thought motorcycle enthusiasts would congregate?

Times sure have changed!

If you’re publicizing a motorcycle ride nowadays, you’d better have a website or at least a Facebook page dedicated to the event. You’ll want to tweet about it, and maybe post some pix from last year on Pinterest.

Social media has brought a whole new way of publicizing your event. At the same time, it’s brought the big puzzle—how do you get your event noticed amid the tsunami of websites, pages, tweets, and so on? And if you’re looking for a ride, how do you wade through a world of possibilities to find the ride that suits you, in your neighborhood, when you can participate?

Eagle Leather’s Ride Guide is the answer. The folks who visit Eagle Leather’s home page are all motorcycle enthusiasts and most of them live in the Pacific Northwest. The home page features a link to the Ride Guide that no one can miss.

It’s hard to think of a way to reach thousands and thousands of riders—and it’s free and easy. Listing a ride on the Ride Guide is easy as pie. And you don’t need to have all the information about the ride when you first list it.

So, if you or your group has put a group ride on your calendar for 2017, get it onto the Eagle Leather Ride Guide now. You can add more information as it becomes available down the road.

It’s important to get onto the Ride Guide as soon as possible after you’ve chosen a date (not that kind of date—the month and day) for your ride. We like to talk about upcoming rides in the newsletter, and the sooner you’ve set the date, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to mention it (or more) in the newsletter. The newsletter goes out once a week to over 30,000 motorcycle enthusiasts and most of them live in our neck of the woods.

Now that’s getting the word out!

Riders—if you’re looking for a congenial group or a worthy cause and want information about rides once the weather is cooperative, check the Eagle Leather Ride Guide.

Ride planners—the Ride Guide is waiting for your information. You can start with just the name and date and add other information later, as you decide on the details. You can also link your notice in the Ride Guide with your website or Facebook page.

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