Make Your Eagle Leather Wish List

Make Your Perfect Holiday Wish List
Help Santa Help You!

An Eagle Leather wish list is like a grownup letter to Santa. And, like a letter to Santa, it can be a great help to you and to anyone who wants to give you a present. You pick the motorcycle gear you want, in your size, and with the pattern and colors you prefer. Put those items on your wish list and then tell the folks who plan to give you a gift how to access your wish list.

They can pick a gift they like and can afford—and they’ll know you’ll be happy to get it.

Do you have an Eagle Leather wish list yet? If you do, is it up to date? If not, let’s get started.

You don’t have to be registered or logged in at Eagle Leather to “window shop” for the gear you want. When you see something you like, just click on “Add to List.” Once you’ve set up one or more lists, you can choose from a menu of list names. Otherwise, type a name for your wish list. Click on “Okay.”

Now you’ll need to register or login to your account at Eagle Leather. Once you’ve done that, click on “My Account,” then on “My Lists,” and finally on “Lists.”

You can add lots of items to your wish lists. You can set up lists for various purposes—one that you want your spouse to look at and another for your parents, for example. You can set up a list of items you’re saving up to buy for yourself, too.

You can also use a wish list to narrow down gift suggestions. For example, suppose your significant other wants to give you a pair of leather pants for Christmas. Your beloved can put several styles of pants on a wish list and then you can go through the list and remove the items you don’t like.

And Eagle Leather wish list can simplify your holiday season and guarantee smiles all around when the wrapping paper comes off. Do you really want another pair of slippers? No? Then set up your wish list and tell all the “Santas” in your life where to find what you really want!

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