Labor Day: Patriotic And Versatile Essentials

This Labor Day, we’d like to show you some of the products we carry at Eagle Leather that can be worn or used in various work situations.

A good pair of gloves is essential in wintertime. Eagle Leather has a wide assortment of gloves for men and for women. You might wear heated gloves for extended riding on colder days, other times you might want dressier versatile gloves that you can wear anywhere. For example, check out these black deerskin winter gloves for men. For women, look at gloves like the leather ladies driving gloves with a gel palm and a light lining.

In the cold weather, dress in layers. Make the base layer heat positive with thermal underwear. GatorSkins® thermals are knit from an extremely thin, lightweight material that moves with you. The fabric warms three times better than wool. It’s tough, breathable, and water-repellent. You can find GatorSkins® in several products at Eagle Leather including the ladies’ short-sleeved shirt and the men’s long-sleeved, zippered shirt.

Eagle Leather carries a variety of belts. We particularly like this belt featuring a flaming wheel design and a 1-1/2 inch width. It’s made of genuine leather and has a removable buckle. If you want a more formal belt, all of our dress belts are marked down. It’s a closeout sale, so pick the width you want and the color you want.

Do you need goggles? We’ve got them in a variety of styles. Check out these clear, shatterproof polycarbonate ones. They have a UV 400 filter to give you the best protection against ultra-violet rays and a scratch-proof coating. And, they’re comfortable to wear because they’re made with soft foam.

Accessorize with this lovely and patriotic scarf. It comes in the mysterious infinity style or as a plain 28 inch by 72 inch scarf.

Still carrying that worn out wallet? Eagle Leather has a wide selection of wallets. You could probably guess we’ve got lots of biker wallets. But we carry dressy wallets, too. For example, this bifold wallet opens outward. It has a dozen card slots and one open window.

Whether your work is on a construction site or in a cubicle or anywhere in between, Eagle Leather has products that will make your day brighter.

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