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Are you a regular on Eagle Leather’s Facebook page? We think you should be and we called in a pro. Jacki Whitsitt told us to think about connections, updates, and interactions. You don’t have to join Facebook to visit Eagle Leather’s Facebook page, but you do have to join in order to comment. When you join, you get your own Facebook page automatically. When you visit and like other pages, news from those pages automatically appears on your own page.


As Jacki says, “When you like a Facebook business page, you establish a connection with that business in a way that other people are able to see and interact with.” Very few businesses can spare the time to cultivate friendships with individual customers only via email. Eagle Leather uses all the tools it can find to keep customers informed and to help customers feel connected to Eagle Leather. This newsletter is one aspect of our effort; our Facebook page is another.

Jacki continued: “On Eagle Leather’s Facebook Page you get the benefit of being with other like-minded people who may share your passion for the wind in their faces and the excitement of the open road. You can start to build connections not only with the Eagle Leather as a company; you also may create new friendships of your own with people you never may have met otherwise.” There are thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest, thousands of potential “kindred spirits.” When you strike up an acquaintance on Eagle Leather’s Facebook page, you have the opportunity to explore mutual likes and dislikes, opinions and bike brands. Maybe you’ll arrange to meet in person and an event like the Oyster Run, maybe you won’t. Either way, your life can be enriched by online friendships.


Once you have your own Facebook page, if you then “like” the Eagle Leather Facebook page, all of our updates, including photos and videos automatically come up on your own News Feed. You’ll get the latest information quickly without visiting the Eagle Leather website.

Jacki says, “You’ll get updates on sales promotions, hot new items, rides that start or stop at the Eagle Leather store, benefit rides in the area, invitations to events such as summer barbecues and cookie and coffee Saturdays, and new posts from our Ride Guide and blog—even job opportunities.”

You’ll also get a heads-up about coupons on our Facebook page that you can use online or bring to an Eagle Leather store. And every so often, we give you a secret code that can mean even more savings—just for our Facebook followers.


You don’t have to “like” the Eagle Leather Facebook page before you can comment on a post there—or post one of your own.

As Jacki puts it: “We like to keep the conversations flowing and also keep you in the know of important topics that may affect us all in the riding community.” We’ve had discussions on our Facebook page about lane-sharing and other proposed legislation that affects motorcycle enthusiasts. We also talk about rides that are coming up and rides we’ve enjoyed. And, of course, we talk about Eagle Leather and its products.

You can also use the Eagle Leather Facebook page to ask us direct questions, to bring up concerns about Eagle Leather and its products, or to make inquiries about purchases.

Jacki concluded: “We love input from our Facebook community. It is what helps us to keep getting better and providing you with content you enjoy and want to read.” Right now, we’re wondering about putting some of the Newsletter jokes on the Facebook page. We’d love to hear what you think about it. So click over to the Eagle Leather Facebook page and let us know. While you’re there, you can explore the page and get to know the community of riders who already use it to interact.

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