If your gear isn’t fitting well...

Our expert tailors at Eagle Leather offer a lot of services. They can add cuffs to the sleeves of your jacket or shorten them, adjust the waist on your chaps, add material to the sides of your vest or take them in and take in or let out your chaps for more comfortable fit, take in the sides of your jacket, patch a hole in a garment or in a pocket, replace zippers in your chaps, jacket, or pants, and replace the zipper pull on any garment. Learn more about these sewing services here.

Alterations and repairs are also part of the Eagle Leather sewing services. The sewing department is open seven days a week, but the hours vary, so call ahead to check on availability. You won’t be able to make an appointment—we’re first come, first served.

We can usually do small things, like sewing on a patch while you wait. For bigger jobs, it’s best to call ahead and allow more time. Alterations and repairs usually take a week and are priced according to how long the sewing team expects to take to finish. Some of the factors involved include where on the garment the repair is needed and how complex the alteration will prove to be. It’s best to bring in your item and then talk to a sewing team member to get a price.

You can get a cost estimate by phone, but it might not be very accurate. If you can’t bring in the item for an estimate—if, for example, you live far away—send a photo via email to Sales@EagleLeather.com. For better accuracy, upload a video to YouTube and share the link. Then you can point and do a show and tell to explain clearly what you need done. When you send in an item for alteration or repair, be sure to include a note so the receiving team can take it directly to the sewing department. You can speed up the process by paying in advance for the service through our website by selecting the service here.  If you would rather wait until after the service is completed you can contact us at 1-800-972-3572.

Repairs and alterations generally take a week. Allow another two weeks for shipping if you shipped it to us. If we can’t finish in a week, we’ll contact you right away so you can tell us what you want to do. If you need something done more quickly, talk to the sewing team. They will do their best to help, but other commitments might make that unattainable.

You don’t have to buy gear at Eagle Leather to have it repaired or altered here. In fact, most of our sewing jobs are done on gear that wasn’t purchased here.

If your gear isn’t fitting well (maybe it’s those fifteen stay-at-home pounds) or has a hole here or there, or the seams are fraying—whatever it needs—bring it to the master-sewers in the Eagle Leather sewing department.

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