How to Plan for a Ride

Safety Tip of the Week
Tips for Planning a Long Ride

When you’re planning a ride, take a few simple precautions.

  • Plan ahead. Use maps as well as GPS—maybe you’ll be in a spot that’s more remote than you think.
  • Suss out your route. Where will you be able to gas up? Will you stop at restaurants or picnic and where? What about overnight accommodations?
  • Be sure to tell someone where you are going. Share the entire route with them and arrange times for daily check-ins.
  • Plan for the weather. Check predictions and be aware that conditions can change. For example, if you take the Natchez Trace ride, check the website daily for warning of severe weather and information about shelter in case of tornadoes.
  • Be sure your motorcycle is in tip-top shape, either by doing your own maintenance or bringing it to a mechanic.
  • Bring your tool kit to handle minor repairs.
  • If you’ve bought new gear or new equipment, test if before you go.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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