How to Choose Rain Gear

Rain Gear Is a Riding Essential

The right gear can extend your motorcycling year by weeks, even months. In our part of the world, protection from rain can be the most important factor. In fact, many motorcycle enthusiasts don’t leave home without slip-on rain gear.

These are some of the features you’ll want to look for when you choose rain gear:

  • Is it really waterproof or just water resistant? Look for a fabric such as Hypertex™, DriPore™, and the like to be sure you’ll stay dry. And be sure the pockets and the vents are waterproof, too.
  • Rain gear should fit loosely over your regular gear (unless you’re racing). The sleeves should cover your wrists (and gauntlet gloves should fit over them) and the legs should cover your ankles (you can also select boot covers to fit over them) when you are in riding position—try them on and check. Your rain gear should fit in such a way that it doesn’t hinder you when you’re riding.
  • Can you get it on quickly? Unless it’s raining when you start out, you’ll have to stop and put on your rain gear. Look for zippers that let you pull it on quickly—even over your boots. Hopping around on a wet verge, in the rain, in your socks—not a pretty picture!
  • Does the neckline end below your helmet, or does the garment have a hood that goes under your helmet to prevent rivulets from running down your neck and back. Even the thought makes a person shiver, doesn’t it.
  • Similarly, is the jacket long enough to prevent water from leaking in at your waist?
  • Do the pants have a fabric panel or a coating where the pants meet the seat? Rain gear is slippery (so the rain runs off without soaking in). A wet motorcycle seat is also slippery. The fabric panel or coating can help prevent you from sliding off your bike.
  • Do the boots have non-skid soles for safer walking on wet streets? Rain boots are designed to be pulled on right over your regular boots. Some can be worn under chaps; others fit over whatever pants you’re wearing. You can get rain boots to cover Western-style pointed toes at Eagle Leather, too. Click here to check them out.
  • Rainy days are darker than most, so reflective fabric, or reflective piping, on your rain gear is a real plus.
Remember, the expert sales staff at Eagle Leather can help you decide which rain gear is best for you. You can buy one- or two-piece rain suits, separate rain jackets and rain pants, and rain boots at Eagle Leather. We also carry waterproof gloves in gauntlet and short glove styles. We carry rain gear in a wide range of prices and styles. Click here to see our rain gear collection.

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