Host Your 2016 Event at Eagle Leather

Partner with Eagle Leather for Your Next Ride
We Will Help Make Your Event a Huge Success!

Eagle Leather invites you and your group to begin your ride or hold your event at Eagle Leather. You already know that the Eagle Leather store is an iconic location for local motorcycle enthusiasts. We’re in a convenient location with plenty of parking. And we’re a neutral venue, welcoming all types of bikes, all ages, men and women—every rider will feel at home.

Here are seven more reasons to start your ride or other event at Eagle Leather:

  1. We’ll provide tables and chairs if you need them—at no charge.
  2. We serve free cookies and coffee on Saturdays and hot dogs with all the fixings on Sundays, and the folks attending your event are welcome to join in.
  3. You can list your event in the Eagle Leather Ride Guide: (You can list it whether it is held at Eagle Leather or not, but our customers will find your event on the Ride Guide and will be pleased to come to Eagle Leather to start the event).
  4. Eagle Leather will help you get the word out to our 23,000 email subscribers and our 15,000 Facebook fans. We may mention your event in the Newsletter—we love to blog about good causes.
  5. Ask us about gift certificates and raffle prizes—we’ll find something your attendees will love.
  6. We’re open seven days a week, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and Easter.
  7. Sometimes we are able to help with photography and videography—not always, but do ask.
At Eagle Leather, we’re ready, willing and able to assist you with your ride or event. Remember us when you’re planning and give us a call as far in advance as possible when we can help!

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