Help Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Prevent Motorcycle Theft
Tips for Keeping Your Bike Safe

Do you know that some folks out there steal motorcycles and then sell the parts cheap on Internet auction sites? They can sell them cheaper because they haven’t paid a dime for them. And if those parts came from your bike, it can take a good while to get paid by your insurance company.

Motorcycle theft is a crime you can help stop by taking precautions with your own bike. Start before you even begin to ride. Take some photos of your motorcycle so you can give them to the police if your bike does get stolen.

Pay attention to where you park. Pick a spot that’s well-lit and within the frame of security cameras. If you can block your bike in with cars, that can help. If you use a motorcycle cover, keep it generic so thieves looking for a specific brand will pass on by. And, of course, park indoors whenever you can.

Remember to lock the ignition and forks whenever you park. Don’t put the keys in one of those gnomes or rocks, no matter how cute they are. Keep the keys with you. You can install a kill switch in a secret spot, but it’s easier to remove the main fuse and put that in your pocket with the keys. Leave the title at home, but keep the registration and insurance card on you.

Handlebar locks can be beaten if the thief pulls hard enough. But a disc lock clamps the wheel so a thief has to lift the bike in order to get away with it. Eagle Leather sells a variety of disc locks. A disc brake is easy to use every time you park.

A good lock with a sleeved cable or chain running through the wheels or the frame to something sturdy like a light post can stymie a thief. The sleeve makes it more difficult to cut the chain. You can chain several motorcycle together, too.

Finally, be sure the parts you buy are not stolen. If there’s no market, there’s no motivation to steal.

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