Have You Seen the Bear in the Sidecar?

Have you seen the viral video of the bear riding in the sidecar and waving at onlookers? Folks have wondered whether or not it’s a real bear or just a guy in a bear suit, or even a photo-shopped hoax.

It’s the real deal. The bear is named Tim. He was born blind in one eye and would not have survived in the wild. Now 22 years old, he was trained for circus work. At his advanced age, the sidecar is his favorite way to travel—he refused to get into a jeep when the motorcycle reheated in one Russian town. The circus arranges with local motorcycle clubs such as the Polar Wolves and with town authorities to stage a ride through town. The ride publicizes the circus and raises money for charitable causes, such as a children’s neurological clinic. If you haven’t already seen the bear, look here.

Please don’t try to give bears a ride in your sidecar. Tim is a very special bear.

The usual passenger in a sidecar is a person. Let’s consider what gear that passenger needs. We recommend a helmet. A helmet should fit in order to protect the person who wears it. If someone will ride in that sidecar often, consider fitting them with a DOT-approved helmet. A helmet doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, the Flat Black XTA Naked H/H costs less than fifty bucks and it’s DOT approved. Eagle Leather usually has helmets on sale, too. Just ask our wise sales people, either in person or on the chat line, for advice.

Unless the passenger’s helmet has a face shield, goggles are a good idea. Eagle Leather has a wide variety of goggles from which to choose. For example, Global Visions brand Adventure Clear goggles also come in smoke or yellow tint and are quite inexpensive.

Gloves are also a very good idea for passenger protection. Simple black cruiser gloves will do the trick, or you can find other styles on sale every day at Eagle Leather.

In our climate some rain protection is a good idea (beyond a trash bag with a slit in it). The Fleece Lined Balaclava does double duty. It’s water repellent and will help keep your passenger warm in cold weather. For other water-repellent and waterproof gear, ask our experts here at Eagle Leather.

Body parts that would contact the road surface in case of an accident deserve protection, whether it’s your body or your passenger’s. A passenger could wear a cloth jacket with shoulder and elbow reinforcements like the Ladies Blue 5.0 Atomic Jacket or a leather jacket—maybe matching your own.

Remember that your passenger, whether in a sidecar or riding pillion, needs protection from road hazards, weather, and accidents. Consult the experts at Eagle Leather for more options. And post your pix on the Eagle Leather Facebook page!

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