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Did you watch “Harley and the Davidsons” on the Discovery channel? At Eagle Leather we honor all motorcycles and their riders. Indian fans might try to remember that you don’t get dramatic conflict when you’ve got good guys vs good guys. And for Harley devotees—wow! The series certainly captures the spirit of invention, the adrenalin rush, the creative struggle of a great enterprise. Did you have a favorite scene? We’re talking about it on the Eagle Leather Facebook page—come join in!

So, this week’s blog will feature some of the Harley Davidson products we sell at Eagle Leather. We’ve got several Harley Davidson decals and a Harley Davidson license plate mount with the iconic shield or with an inscription in elegant cursive or bold capitals to glam your ride.

Add bling with this keychain, which has crystals and the famous Harley Davidson shield logo or heat things up with this keychain, which frames the logo in flamed wings.

Eagle Leather carries a wide assortment of Harley Davidson Zippo lighters, too, along with the Zippo lighter fluid and flints. You’re sure to find a style you like—and a Harley-themed lighter would make a great gift, too. One size fits all.

Women, and brave men, who ride Harleys will proudly wear the knit pink hat. And every Harley owner needs a patch. This one has chenille lettering.

The absolute hands-down cutest Harley Davidson merchandise we carry at Eagle Leather includes the infant hat and booties and the Harley Davidson teddy bear. Guys—here’s a hint—lots of ladies cuddle teddy bears.

Whether you ride a Harley and want some brand-name gear for yourself, or whether you buy it as a gift, Eagle Leather has a wide assortment of Harley Davidson items. Just ask our experts sales staff, in the store or on line, and they will help you find what you seek.

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