Happy Father's Day from Eagle Leather

by Eagle Leather

Happy Father's Day from Eagle Leather

Take Your Kids on a Ride this Father’s Day

Being Dad rocks. There are few greater things in life than seeing your children take on your passions. So dads, take your kids on a ride this Father’s day weekend and give yourself the gift of cherished memories. Your kids will love it – sometimes they enjoy going on the ride more than you do!

There are several things to keep in mind when taking your kids on the bike that will help keep the ride both fun and safe, including protective clothing, passenger comfort, and rider rules and responsibilities.

Just like you typically wear protective clothing, your kids need to do the same as well. Always make sure they are properly dressed in good quality gear. At a minimum, they should have long denim with leather chaps, gloves, sturdy shoes (boots preferably), and a form-fitting DOT approved helmet. Another accessory-must is a pair of quality sunglasses that have high impact-resistant lenses and sturdy, durable frames. Polarized lenses are the best, as they help protect your kids’ eyes from harmful UV rays, not to mention regular dust and dirt from the air. The best lenses are also polycarbonate, as they are the most shatter-proof type.

Riding around with your kids can be a fun, bonding moment; but it can also be a teaching moment. Ensure your kids understand the rules of being a passenger on a motorcycle. Some of the most common rules that “everyone passenger knows” may not be so obvious to children, so it is essential you explain the rules of the road in a way they understand. Make sure they know where to hold on to while riding, that they cannot make any sudden movements to throw off the balance of the bike, and that they keep their bottoms flat against the seat at all times.

When you have a kid on the back of your motorcycle, you have to be more aware of what they are doing. Some kids have the tendency to move around much more than adults. They play games like sticking their arms out to feel the force of the wind; they move their head around a lot; they try talking to passengers in cars riding beside them on the road; etc. Sometimes the steady rumble of a motorcycle can put kids to sleep. With adults this isn’t a problem, but if a child falls asleep, he or she can flop over to one side and fall off the bike.

Sharing the bike and the ride with your kids can be a very memorable experience, but please be aware of the additional responsibility that comes along with the fun this Father's Day Weekend.

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