Gas Saving Tips

Many people commute on motorcycles, which is a big money-saver. But any motorcycle enthusiast can use a few extra dollars. These tips will help you save money when you ride:

Keep a fuel-use journal. Just get a tiny notebook and jot down your mileage and how much gas you buy. You can add any details that might affect fuel consumption and what you try to do to improve your mileage. Then you can calculate your miles per gallon to see what works for you and what is not worth the effort.

Engines run best and most economically when they are maintained with clean fuel and air filters, the spark plugs are clean, and the timing and valves are properly adjusted. Consider using low-friction oil to go the extra mile in saving.

Check the tires. If they are not inflated up to the psi listed in your manual (or on the side of the tire), inflate them. Over-inflating won’t help your mileage and can compromise your safety. Worn tires are not good for gas mileage either, and radials will give you more mpg than bias ply.

The more you carry on your bike, the worse your mileage will be. Take what you need, like a tool kit, but if you’re carrying around a rock collection, you could leave that at home. Be sure all your accessories are in positions that don’t add drag, or wind resistance, which eats up gas. The right windshield can make your motorcycle more aerodynamic and you can crouch behind it to really improve gas mileage.

You don’t have to wait for fuel-injected engines to warm up. In fact, you should move out as soon as you can do so without stalling no matter what engine you have.

Don’t speed. Not only does it harm your gas mileage, it can earn you a ticket. Keep at an even speed as much as possible. If you’ve got cruise control, use it. Though we all hate to admit it, that little computer can give you a more even ride and increase your mpg better than you can.

When you see a stop sign ahead, let inertia slow you. Don’t race up to the intersection and then slam on the brakes.

Automobile drivers who go to extremes to lower fuel consumption are called hypermilers. Google and find forums where they exchange tips. Of course, not all those tips will apply to motorcycles, but some of them will.

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