Five New Year's Motorcycle Resolutions

Five New Year's Motorcycle Resolutions

December 28, 2012

Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Riders
2012 is coming to an end. Did you stick to any of your resolutions this year? 2013 is upon us, and it’s a fresh start. We have five New Year’s resolutions for riders to help you get a head start on your own list of 2013 personal promises.

Resolution #1: I Will Ride the San Juan Islands
This resolution is a special one for our fellow Pacific Northwesterners. We profiled this beautiful ride destination a while back (see the story), and we are still fans. The San Juan Islands are a little bit of hidden paradise in our corner of the world with plenty of open roads and trails and a friendly community. You will have to take a ferry to get your bike over there (part of the adventure), and considering the perks (gorgeous scenery, the smell of the ocean, orcas), it is sure to be a ride you will remember forever. A ride in the San Juan Islands is a must for your list of 2013 resolutions.

Resolution #2: I Will Invest in Heated Gear
If you are reluctant to ride your bike in the cold, you are missing out. Heated gear is your ticket to freedom on the open road regardless of the weather conditions. Eagle Leather carries everything from heated pants to jackets and jacket liners, gloves, and even heated insoles for your riding boots. If you are a serious rider, it’s time to heat up your wardrobe!

Resolution #3: I Will Ride in a Charity Run
Put that bike to good use! Grabbing your buddies and riding for charity is fun and rewarding. Eagle Leather actively endorses and participates in a number of charity rides each year—including the Olympia Toy Run, which took place a few weeks ago. If you are ready to knock this resolution out early in 2013, check out the 15th Annual Teddy Bear Run for Multicare Auburn Medical Center (the run is Feb. 10). Bring a stuffed animal for hospitalized children and ride with police officers to support the hospital. For more information and to see when other charity rides are taking place, visit The Eagle Leather Ride Guide!

Resolution #4: I Will Attend a Safety Seminar
Get smart about safety in 2013. Here at Eagle Leather, we cannot stress enough how important it is to us that our customers—our extended families—develop safe habits and practice responsible riding. Eagle Leather has partnered with and endorses a number of safety organizations, including Puget Sound Safety, Washington Motorcycle Safety Training (WMST), Pacific Motorcycle Safety, Cascade Motorcycle Safety, and The Motorcycle Safety Foundation. We’ve even hosted safety clinics and seminars ourselves, such as this year’s “Riding in the Rain” seminar featuring speakers from Puget Sound and WMST. Keep an eye out for events like these in your area and make your best effort to attend one—or many!

Resolution #5: I Will Clean Out My Saddlebag
Enough said.

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