Five Father's Day Gifts For Dad

Five Great Gift Ideas for Dad
Happy Father's Day from Eagle Leather!

“Not another tie,” Dad’s thinking. Nope. No way. Just no.

Shop at Eagle Leather for Father’s Day gifts for the men in your life. Use our list as a starting point and then do some browsing, either online or in one of our stores. We’re featuring new items you might not know you can find at Eagle Leather. What’s more, we’ve found gifts that any man might appreciate—motorcycle enthusiast or not—and in a range of prices to suit any pocketbook.

  • You have to see it to believe how gorgeous it is. This three-dimensional art piece depicts a motorcyclist facing the stairway to heaven. We’ve got several other designs—all 14 inches by 20 inches—just click on the picture below to see more.

  • This 6.25 inch biker wallet with a chain is great for dads on the go. Never lose your wallet on the road, as this handy mini wallet makes travel easy.
  • A vest extender holds a man’s vest together. It can be rather plain, or a real piece of bling like this one, which shows an eagle and an American flag. And yes, the Eagle Leather store has more vest extenders –and more manly bling. Click on the picture below to see more extenders.

  • This acid-washed zip-up hoodie is made of a 52/48 cotton-poly blend. The design on the front is the famous Flying Wheel with the words: The Road Will Set You Free. If you don’t like this design, browse—we have more sweatshirts, hooded or not, and dozens of designs in T-shirts.

  • Yes, it’s called a motorcycle glove, but Dad doesn’t have to ride to wear this luxury, deerskin glove. An elastic wrist helps keep it on tightly, yet comfortably. Gloves are a great gift for any man and especially for Dad on Father’s Day. Look further for a wide variety of styles and prices.

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