First date on a motorcycle ride.

On the Eagle Leather Facebook page, we’ve been asked about dating using a motorcycle. There are a lot of variables involved. So, let’s assume that you’re the guy and that this isn’t the first time you’ve dated the gal. (If not, just use the tips that apply to your situation. And if it’s a first date, double down on all the tips.)

First, seek out some places to go and things to do that are a short distance from your date’s house. Remember that she will be wearing jeans or something similar. Avoid places where the only drinks being served are alcoholic, because neither of you needs to be in the least bit impaired the first time you ride together.

Discuss these options with your date and plan a good time together. Back to planning: Check out various routes to your destination. Try to find the path that gives her the best experience and that most avoids stop and start traffic. On the day, check the weather. You might want to fall back on four wheels if it’s going to rain; trying to eat a fine dinner while soaked won’t be pleasant for either of you.

Talk to your date about what to wear. If your date wears earrings, suggest a small stud because larger earrings can be painful under a helmet. Glasses, too, can be a problem under a tight helmet. Some hairstyles, such as a bun, can be painful under a helmet. The best option for long hair is a ponytail secured at the neck. This avoids tangles and keeps hair out of the face when the wind whips it. A bandanna used as a headwrap is also a good idea. Of course, your date won’t plan to wear a long evening gown. But plain jeans are a good idea along with a long-sleeved shirt. Many women have motorcycle boots because they were fashion-forward. If not, she should avoid spike heels and sandals—even tennis shoes are better. Suggest that she dress for the day (or evening) and take wind chill into account by wearing gloves and bringing a sweater.

Probably the most important item to wear is a helmet. For a first date, she might get by with one of your old helmets. But if you are developing a relationship, help her find a helmet that fits. Bring her to the Eagle Leather store or browse the Eagle Leather website together and pick a helmet you can afford.

Also visit the Eagle Leather store for communications gear. You’re both going to get tired of various pokes in the back to signal time to stop or whatever. The right communication gear will also let you both play music to enhance the ride.

Once your date is comfortable riding pillion, think of ways you can take advantage of having a motorcycle. Leave the city for back roads in the country. Hint: A sunset is much more beautiful and romantic viewed from a motorcycle than from a car. Take advantage of the ease of parking a motorcycle by planning a progressive dinner. Go to one restaurant for appetizers, another for the main course, and a third for desert.

Think outside the box. You could have a friend photograph familiar places from unfamiliar angles and then ride with your date and try to find them. Or you could try geo-caching, or just pick a spot and use a map and compass to find it. The idea here is to involve your date in the navigation so she feels part of the ride itself.

Make a movie together. Maybe you’ll go to a nearby park, or into the mountains, or along the seacoast, or just ride through a post neighborhood. Narrate your journey together as you go. This would be a fun joint project and you’d each have a keepsake of a marvelous time.

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