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Take The Guessing Out of Christmas Shopping
Make a Wish List

A wish list is one of the neatest features of Eagle Leather’s website. You can create a list of just exactly what motorcycle gear you’d like to have, and then the people who want to give you a gift can order it from your list.

That means you can come in to an Eagle Leather store and try on the whole range of jackets, pants, chaps, shirts and so on, put those that you like best on your wish list, and then let your friends and family know how to select a gift you’re sure to want and use. You can pick the color you prefer. You can list the style you like best.

To get the most out of the wish list feature, it’s wise to select items in a range of prices. At the same time, it’s best to pick one jacket or one pair of leather pants. If you have two or more on your wish list, you might get more than one, and you also make it harder for a gift-giver to choose.

For the gift-givers—no more guessing. Hey, that’s a gift in itself!

So, let’s imagine you’ve set up your wish list. We’ve written before about how to set up a wish list. If you need a reminder, click here. The latest website refinements make it especially easy to add items. As you browse Eagle Leather gear, on each product page on the far right of the Add to Cart button, you’ll see two icons: one (with a little heart) to add to the list of products you’re interested in and the other (the one with the tiny gift) to add to your registry, or wish list. You can set up registries with different titles, so you can use them for different people or on different occasions.

It’s polite to include items with various price points so those who are giving you presents can choose how much they want to spend. Some things, like helmets, are best tried on. Feel free to come in to Eagle Leather and get a fitting to be sure you’ve listed just what you need.

Now here’s the even easier part. When you’ve completed your wish list, just send the link to the people who want to know what to give you. You’ll find the link when you log in to your registry. You can use it for the December holidays, of course, but it won’t expire with the new year. You can use it again for your birthday, or Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, or an anniversary.

When the folks who want to give you a gift get the link, they just use it to go to your list, then select an item they want to give you, and put it in a cart. They can log in or set up an account at checkout. Once someone has purchased an item from your wish list, it’s automatically deleted—no duplicates.

Your wish list could be the secret to the happiest holidays ever!

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