Eagle Leather BBQs

Eagle Leather Barbecues Are Back!
Enjoy Hot Dogs and Great Company Every Sunday

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy—especially on Sundays. That’s because, around noontime, Mike and the crew fire up the grill and make hot dogs and hamburgers. It’s a big outdoor picnic for all the Eagle Leather family. It's a time-honored tradition that we're thrilled to continue as summer rolls in!

Circle every Sunday on the calendar this summer, and come on over. Bring the whole family! Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a good time. The hot dogs with all the fixin’s, as well as coffee and sodas, are all free. You don’t have to buy a thing—but, of course, you can combine a shopping trip with a picnic lunch if you like. Sometimes we grill hamburgers too!

A barbecue is a great time to meet the Eagle Leather staff—those experts who are always ready to answer your questions about motorcycle gear. It’s also a great time to suss out the Eagle Leather store facilities to see if you’d like to start a group ride here.

An afternoon barbecue is a great way to meet other riders. Some people make plans to meet, others want to mingle and introduce themselves to other motorcycle enthusiasts. You can catch up on all the motorcycling news—like where the potholes are bad and where the views are most breathtaking, where to eat and where to spend an overnight. You can check out other folks’ rides and show off your own. But you can’t do any of that sitting in front of the TV. So, plan to get up, rev up, and come on over to Eagle Leather, Sundays at noon,‘til we run out of food.

See you Sunday!

Click here to check out pictures of last year’s barbecues.

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