Double The Fun

by Eagle Leather

Riding double is true togetherness. Whether you’re sharing the thrills of taking fast curves or just going to work on the freeway, carrying a passenger is both a joy and a responsibility. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we have to remember that accidents can, and do, happen and we must be as prepared as possible to avoid injury.

That means, in our opinion, a helmet for the passenger as well as for the rider. A helmet must fit properly, or it won’t do its job. Motorcycle helmets deteriorate with age, even when they are not worn very often. If you passenger’s helmet is three years old or more, consider getting a new one. Be sure to examine older helmets for cracks or other signs of damage or deterioration. Helmets like the GT-3000 Matte Black Helmet come in sizes from XS up to 2XL. The range of sizes comes not from internal padding, but from having three different sizes of the shell itself. In addition, the AirFit® liner inflation system gives a personalized fit with its inflatable cheek-pad system. The cheek pads are contoured in three dimensions for good fit and are designed to be worn with most types of eyeglasses.

The GT-3000’s TCT Ultra® Pre-Preg Shell has a proprietary five-layer blend of specially formulated fibers that are interlaced and pre-impregnated with resin. This makes for a strong, but light, shell. The GT-3000 has the Speedview® Retractable Sun Visor that changes position when you just slide a switch. The Everclear® No-Fog Face Shield is kept clear with anti-fog technology, an anti-scratch coating, and 100% protection against ultra-violet radiation. A special City-Mode tab lets the wearer lock it in place or leave it just a bit open to get a gentle flow of air into the helmet.

Scorpion has been working to further improve its lining. The KwikWick® III Removable/Washable Anti-Microbial Liner is its third generation of moisture-wicking lining. It feels cool to the touch in warm weather and warm in cool weather. It is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. The Aero-Tuned ventilation system includes intake ports across the front of the helmet that force cool air in. Exhaust vents take the hot air out.

The GT-3000 has pockets for communication system speakers. You might think you can easily communicate with a passenger, but when you are both wearing helmets in the noisy wind, it is not so easy. Fortunately, there are quite a few communication devices you can use. One of the most versatile is the Cardo Scala Rider Q3. It gives you rider-to-passenger income in full duplex. You can also share music via A2DP. It’s got a Click-to-Link® spontaneous intercom. In addition, you and communicate with three other riders within a range of 1100 yards, and many features that make it easy to use.

Gloves are another item that must fit properly to be of use. Eagle Leather carries a wide variety and our expert sales staff is always ready to advise. Consider, for example, the black Atomic X2 Glove. It also comes in a wide range of sizes, from S to 3XL. It’s ergonomic and made to fit with leather, stretch spandex/poly, and neoprene. It snugs up with a hook-and-loop closure on the cuff and an integrated TPR pull tab. It lets the wearer access touchscreens with its Smart Touch conductive material on the index fingers.

You can also consider chaps and leather jackets, especially if you ride together a lot. Otherwise, heavy denim will help prevent some road rash. Be sure your passenger is wearing protective shoes or boots – no flip-flops or sandals, please. And be sure laces can’t get loose and tangle in the rear wheel, drive belt, or chain.

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