Christmas Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders

Great Gifts for Riders this Season
Eagle Leather has Gifts for Guys and Gals - Kids Too!

One of the best holiday gifts you can give a motorcycle enthusiast is heated gear. When you give heated gear, you’re giving weeks of cool-weather riding—in comfort.

Heated gear might be the big splurge purchase—that one thing they want, but would never buy for themselves, like the Gerbing Jacket Liner. Gerbing uses its patented microwire technology to keep riders warm without hotspots in liners that fit close to the body.

Glove Liners from Gerbing use the same microwire technology to heat every finger, thumbs and the backs of hands while fitting snugly under unlined gloves.

Because more heat is lost from the head than from any other part of the body, consider giving a balaclava, which is worn under the helmet and prevents much of that heat loss. The Ultrawick Balaclava wicks away moisture and is a feather-light as silk.

The Lightning Ultra Slim Jump Start is the perfect gift for anyone who rides – this bad boy will get you back up and running in case you need the extra kick. This gift might actually be more for the giver than the recipient—peace of mind knowing your loved one will be safe in an emergency is a big deal!

If anyone on your gift list is expecting or just had a baby girl, you’ve simply got to see the girl-biker shirt here. It shows a girl on a bike, on pink cotton. For boys, check out this orange T-shirt. Eagle Leather has gear for kids, too. Chaps, helmets, gloves, shirts and vests like this one that laces on the sides for good fit (and room to grow).

Even if she doesn’t ride, she will wear these motorcycle earrings in hypoallergenic stainless steel. You’ll find more gifts for him and for her here.

If he or she has long hair, consider giving a hair ring. The rings come in a wide variety of styles, from roses to skulls, to suit the personality.

Eagle Leather offers the best in leather, and that goes beyond motorcycle gear. One of the coolest items is the Navigator Portfolio designed to hold whatever you need to bring (correspondence, passport, mini-tablet, etc.) and hold it in style.

The staff at Eagle Leather can help you find the right gift for everyone on your gift list—and hundreds and hundreds of items are on sale every day until Christmas. Remember, a gift card might be the best gift of all!

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