All About Mobile Warming

You know Eagle Leather loves Gerbing products for heated gear. Now we’ve added items that use a different technology and can be used on or off your motorcycle. This new gear is great for skiing, hunting, hiking, ice fishing—all winter pursuits. It also makes riding your motorcycle fun again, whether you’re riding for pleasure or commuting.

Mobile Warming® gear uses layers. Three heating panels are lined with ultra-fine, steel-alloy-fiber elements sandwiched under insulating and reflecting layers to keep heat close to your body. The system is powered by a rechargeable, portable, lithium-ion battery. For garments with temperature control, you can adjust the power output to maximize battery life.

This gear is easy to use. Just connect the battery pack to the input cable inside the hand packet. Press the on/off button and hold for a few seconds. When the LED light comes on, the system is heating. If the light doesn’t come on, the battery needs to be recharged. Start with the setting at 100% and keep it there for the five to ten minutes it takes to warm up. Then turn it down. Fifty percent is good for a day outdoors in mild weather, but you’ll need more oomph when it’s really cold. When you go inside, turn it off to save battery time. All this gear comes with the battery and a wall-plug charger.

Take a look at the Mobile Warming® Longman Shirt. It has a four-way-stretch base layer for flexibility and fits nicely under your jacket. It uses a 7.4-volt battery.

Or, you might opt for a jacket like the Men’s Alpine Jacket. Windshark® softshell construction makes this jacket windproof and water resistant. It has four heat settings for efficiency and comfort and also uses a 7.4-volt battery.

Dual-Power Jackets like the ladies’ version here give two options. You can connect to your motorcycle’s 12-volt battery or use the gear’s own lithium-ion battery. You can use the 12-volt option while riding and turn to the 12-volt lithium battery when you’re doing other outdoor stuff. Again, Windshark® construction will help keep you warm and dry. Dual-power pants (like these for men) and gloves connect to the jacket wire harness.

The Longman Pant uses a 7.4-volt battery. You wear them under your riding pants. They have the four-way stretch flexibility that keeps you active in the cold.

We’ve also added several styles of Mobile Warming® gloves. The Barra Leather/Textile Heated Gloves is made of premium goatskin leather and Carbolex® nylon and include a 7.4-volt battery for warmth and rugged protection. The gloves have Rainguard®, an advanced waterproofing technology. For exteme weather, you could choose the same glove in a 12-volt version.

Stop by Eagle Leather and ask our sales staff about these and other heated gear options. Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying the outdoors and your motorcycle!

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