A Rider's Proposal

A Rider's Proposal

March 20, 2014

50 Motorcycles and A Diamond
Man Plans Unique Proposal for Motorcycle-Loving Girlfriend

Most guys (and gals) spend hours agonizing over the right way to propose to their lovers, but TC Sorensen thought of his idea in just a few minutes at two o’clock in the morning. All he needed was 50 motorcycles!

TC and his new fiancée, Sarah Moore, began their relationship with a bike ride to a shrimp festival in Illinois. Several years later, that ride led to another ride on an airplane to “look at a piece of property.” That was the little white lie TC told Sarah to coax her onto the airplane without alerting her to the surprise he had planned.

As they flew over the Ohio river, Sarah looked down to see over 50 motorcycles positioned in a parking lot spelling out the question, "Marry Me?"

TC came up with the idea the previous week on his way back from a business trip. He said “The idea just came out of nowhere. I sent out a couple of text messages and everyone said, 'No, you can't do that.’” That’s when long-time friend Michael Brown chimed in saying, "No problem!”

Michael thought it was a great idea and tapped into his network of riders and was able to get the 50 bikes needed to pull off the stunt. When Sarah saw the display of bikes from overhead, TC pulled a ring box out of his pocket and popped the question catching Sarah completely off guard. TC says he felt bad lying to Sarah about why they were taking the plane ride, but Sarah said the lie was totally worth it… because she said, “Yes!”

The happy couple plans to get married in late September or early October.

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