A Riders Christmas Wishlist Part 3 Men’s Gear

A Rider's Christmas Wish List Part 3


Over the last two weeks we have covered Heated Clothing, and Communication Systems.  Now it is time to get into something a little bit easier to decide on… Men’s Gear.

When it comes to Men’s Gear there are a few key things to determine when selecting the right gift.  The first is the material it is made from.  Leather, textile, and mesh gear all have their advantages depending on riding style and conditions.  So, what are some of the differences?

Leather has a better abrasion resistance, looks cool, and feels really good, but the downside is it is not very water resistant.  However, you can put some water proofing on it for when you get caught in the rain.  Leather is most preferred when the weather is moderate to cold, and dry.  It is recommended if you are buying leather to get one with vents so you can extend the riding comfort when the temperature starts getting warmer.  A lot of guys who ride cruiser’s prefer leather.

Textile is good for just about all seasons, often coming with a liner for colder temperatures, venting for warmer temperatures, and water resistance which is great for climates like the Pacific Northwest. Textiles are usually less abrasion resistant than leather; it makes up for it by usually coming with armor for added protection. A lot of guys who commute prefer textile because of its all-weather properties.

 Mesh is sometimes confused with Textile because they have similar abrasion properties and usually come with armor for added protection.  However, mesh is much different, because instead of being a solid weave it is woven to allow opening for air to pass through. Mesh also usually comes with a windproof / waterproof liner instead of an insulated one, because it is designed for protection in hot temperatures.  Most guys who ride in warm climates prefer mesh because it is breathable and lightweight.

Materials are not the only way to identify what men’s gear is right for him, you also need to consider what he already owns. If you are unsure about where to start this is a good order of importance; head including eyes, upper body consisting of the torso, arms, hands, the lower body consisting of the legs and feet.

Because protection for the head requires a lot of explanation, more than can be done in a blog article, we suggest coming into Eagle Leather so one of our experts can guide you in the right decision. 

The upper body can be protected with Jackets, Vests, Shirts, and Gloves.   While the lower body can be protected with Pants, Chaps, and Footwear

With Jackets it is a good idea to consider these key features when buying that gift. Look for venting on the torso, back, and arms; a removable insulated liner with stretch shoulders; pre-curved arms with a way to synch the wrist; a type of waist adjustment; a drop back; armor; and pockets.

Vests are good for protecting the integrity of a jacket while putting patches and pins on to show your individuality, or what group you belong to.  Some things to consider are the collar, side lacing, snaps, zipper, exterior pockets, concealed carry pockets, and access behind the liner for sewing patches.

Shirts can offer protection like the Kevlar or Aramid fiber reinforced flannels or show his love for the lifestyle like t-shirts with graphics. Some key things to look for in protective shirts are the location of reinforcements, does it come with armor, and does it have pockets for armor if you wanted to.

Gloves are the kind of thing that most people we talk to have many different sets of.  They usually have a pair for warm weather, a pair for the majority of their riding, and a pair for cold weather. Gloves are a great gift for someone who does not want to spend a lot.

With the upper body covered, lets take a look at some of the things that protect the lower body, Pants, Chaps, and Footwear.

Pants come in a variety of types, Leather, Over-Pants, and reinforced denim, and while Chaps are similar, chaps are designed to be worn over pants and usually leave your important parts vulnerable.  The key things to determine when choosing pants or chaps are, how much coverage you want, and do you want to be able to remove them

Chaps offer a bit more flexibility meaning you can adjust the waist, so gaining or losing weight is not an issue with fit. They can be cut to length because leather does not fray, and some even have removable liners for added comfort all year long.

Footwear is one of those things where they can be exactly the look you want, but if the shape or size is wrong you will be miserable every time you wear them. The good news is when the fit is right, and the look is right, and the feel is right they become your favorites.

Because we know buying gifts for someone who rides is difficult, we have a great option for you… Gift Cards

I know, Gift Cards are not very personable and you want them to have something to open, so hear me out

Take a picture of the item you want to buy them, print it out, and buy a Gift Card in that amount.  

What you do next is get a box about the size of the item, put a weight in the bottom, put the picture in with the gift card on top, and wrap it up.  That way they get something to open, and you get something to wrap.  And if you need any assistance, just reach out to us.

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