A Rider's Christmas Wish List Part 2


Christmas Wish List

Last newsletter we discussed a bit about Heated Clothing, which a lot of people find technical and need more time to make the right choice. So, taking that into consideration, we are going to discuss another product type that many people also find technical and need more time to make the right choice, Communication Systems.

One of the first things to determine is how many people are going to be communicating now and in the future. A good example of life progression that can describe this would be a young single person who rides. They could start with something with minimal features like the Sena 3S,

Sena 3S

or the Cardo Freecom 1+, both of which allow rider to passenger communications.

Cardo Freecom 1+

Now after a year or so this young single rider’s friends have started riding, or they have made a couple friends who ride also. In that case they would want to consider upgrading to the Cardo Freecom 4+,

Freecom 4+

or the Sena 10S  so they can pair to their phone, listen to music, and chat with up to 3 other riders.

Sena 10S

They would be set until they meet that special someone and begin taking them along for those scenic trips. At that point they would likely want to upgrade their unit to either the Sena 20S which allows up to 8 Bluetooth pairings.

Sena 20S

That works well for a while too, but eventually their group becomes more than 8 either because their children have grown up and started riding too, or they have met a few more people that love to ride also. At this point the Cardo Packtalk series,

Cardo Packtalk bold

or the Sena 30K series  are the ways to go, because they each allow 15 and 16 riders to communicate.

Sena 30K

Because we know there are always many questions about communication systems and technology changes quickly please contact our experts if you need assistance making the right decision.

Oh and one more thing for those of you who are looking for a gift for someone who loves to ride just to get away from all the talking, we have Gift Cards  too.

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