2018 Resolutions

Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions, and then, for the most part, we break them. Why not try something a little different this year? How about resolving to take better care of ourselves, to be more kind to ourselves? And we can do that one step at a time, all year long. Here are some ways you can be safer, be more stylish, be more comfortable, and save more money.

Buy that piece of motorcycle gear you’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s a stylish jacket like the new men’s Nemesis Leather Jacket. It’s made of diamond cowhide in scooter style, with a mandarin collar and center zipper. It’s got stretch panels on each side and an adjustable waist belt and is fully vented for your comfort. The outer pockets zip closed and the concealed carry pockets are holstered. You can put CEI-rated inserts into the armor pockets for increased safety. And, because it’s an Eagle Leather brand item, it carries our two-year warranty.

What woman can resist the Ladies Hoodie MC Jacket in gorgeous cowhide leather? The premium distressed gray top grain design is seriously stylish, and the full zip-out liner with hood can be worn by itself!

Add comfort to your winter, not only when you’re riding, but while ice fishing, hiking, anytime you’re out in the cold. These chaps use lithium-battery technology to heat panels strategically placed on your thighs. A built-in waterproof pocket holds the portable battery pack. A snap-out thermal lining adds more warmth. The drum-dyed vintage processing gives the premium naked cowhide a lived-in look. These chaps are unisex and they used the technology we discussed in a recent blog post. See them here.

Take advantage of the discounts being offered right now at Eagle Leather. You know we just combined our two stores, and you can guess that there wasn’t room for everything. And we keep finding the best new gear for you, so things can get crowded. As a result, ta da, a huge sale!

Happy New Year!

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