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These pistons have been designed to incorporate a domed piston deck, resulting in a high compression profile and offsetting any change in volume caused by valve dishes. While maintaining compression through piston shape, we’ve minimized moving mass in our stainless steel valvetrain conversion by lightening our steel valves. The conversion to Black Diamond™ Stainless Steel Valves offers up to double the life over stock Titanium valves without a loss in performance.
  • Designed specifically for the performance demands of popular racing MX Bikes and Quads
  • Pistons designed to maintain the stock compression after the effects of the dished stainless valves
  • 2618 Alloy Fully CNC Machined Piston with performance skirt coating
  • Black Diamond™ Stainless Steel conversion system significantly increases valve durability
  • Lightweight Racing Spring Kit compatible with high performance cams
  • All of the gaskets, rings, pins and seals required for a top end rebuild
  • Includes Piston, Rings, Clips and Pin
  • Includes Top End Gasket Kit by Cometic
  • Includes KPMI® S.S. Black Diamond™ Valves, Stock Head Dia.
  • Includes Dual Spring Titanium Retainer Spring Kit, Which Allows for 0.440” In. and Ex. Valve Lift