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FEULING® oiling system kits combine all the needed components to finish your T/C® engines oiling system under 1 Part #. FEULING® oiling system kits increase oil pressure, oil volume, engine oil flow and return oil scavenging, eliminating wet sumping and oily air cleaners. Test results show 25-35 degree cooler engine temperatures, 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures, 15-30 more pounds of oil pressure and quieter smoother engine operation. Results also show a substantial increase of oil pressure and 3 H.P. and 4 Ft. Lbs of T.Q to the rear wheel.
  • Kits include FEULINGS® HIGH FLOW billet camplate made from 7075 aluminum which is 50% harder and stronger than the factory, SE® and other aftermarket camplates
  • FEULING® increases oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passages
  • Matchs the oil port holes throughout the camplate to the port holes in the engine case which increases engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings
  • Kits include a billet 6061 aluminum high volume oil pump, FEULING® HIGH FLOW camplate, HP+®
  • Hydraulic roller lifters, gaskets and o-ring kit